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ICT - Information & Communications Technology

ICT - Information & Communications Technology

Dubai World Central

Dubai World Central

Master systems integrator for world's first ICT enabled airport operations and management systems. Integrating over 20 sub systems.

Dubai World Central

Dubai World Central is a 140 square kilometer, multi- phase development with the world’s biggest airport, DWC-Al Maktoum International Airport, at its core.

Fully self-sustaining, Dubai World Central promises to be a key benchmark in the evolution of the emirate, a genuine city- within-a-city. DWC creates a new benchmark in urban planning and destination living designed to support Dubai’s aviation, tourism, commercial and logistics requirements until 2050 and beyond, and represents one of the most important developments in the history of the United Arab Emirates.

Dubai World Central

In perspective, the total dedicated land area is almost twice the size of Hong Kong Island and expected to have an ultimate population of 945,000 people working and living within its borders.

The master plan is composed of six inter-related mini-cities; each carefully planned to satisfy good quality living and work environment, through integrated high quality living standards, while contributing to DWC’s functional organizational structure. DWC golf city.

Dubai World Central
  • DWC, with infrastructure costs estimated at US$ 33 billion, comprises the following developments:

DWC-Al Maktoum International Airport
DWC Aviation City
Dubai Logistics City (DLC)
DWC Residential City
DWC Commercial City, and
DWC Golf City

  • DWC is backed by the Government of Dubai and is chaired by His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman, Dubai Aviation City Corporation, Government of Dubai.
  • DWC also creates the world’s first fully-integrated, multi- modal logistics platform in a single, customs-controlled zone

Significant features

Integration of diverse ELV systems into a management level network and real time analyses of data to attain significant cost reduction year on year

Multi entity integration of device eco-systems from diverse protocols with the proprietary enterprise city management framework “Galaxy” to deliver real time controlling of entire airport infrastructure The projected outcome is a city hin the airport which will be managed by a command and control centre with seamless communication capabilities.

Concept Architecture

Concept Architecture

ROI opportunities

  • Sustained diminishing of utility cost through state of the art systems monitoring
  • With facilitation of remote infrastructure management, man power cost and overall operational cost are reduced significantly
  • With Galaxy monitoring and analyzing energy data there is guaranteed reduction in energy usage and maintenance downtime
  • Increase in operational efficiency as the traditional “Tower of Babel” situation is averted through end to end system integration.

User Interface

User Interface

Dubai International Airport

Dubai International Airport

Master systems integrator for world's first ICT enabled airport operations and management systems. Integrating over 20 sub systems.

Dubai International Airport Expansion

Terminal 3, Concourse 2 & Car Park

Dubai International Airport
  • BIS (Building Integration System)
  • FAS – BIS interface
  • LCMS – BIS interface
  • FGS – BMS interface
  • Airport Building ELV Systems
  • Building management system
  • Fire alarm system
  • Lighting control & monitoring system
  • Security & access control system
  • Power management unit
  • UPS
  • Emergency central battery system
  • Conveying management system – HVTS
  • Conveying management system-sky train
  • Integrated aircraft stand system
  • Baggage handling system
  • MATV
  • SMS

Concept Architecture

Concept Architecture

Integration: the act of combining into an integral whole
Interface : hardware or software link that links one device or system to another
Protocol : rules determining the format and transmission of data

Dubai International Airport

BIS - building integration system
IS - integration system
BMS - building management system
SACS - security access control system
CCTV - closed circuit television
FAS - fire alarm system
CMS - conveying management system
HVTS - horizontal and vertical transportation system
PMU - power management units
UPS - static uninterruptible power unit
ECBS - emergency central battery system
LCMS - lighting control and monitoring system
SCADA - supervisory control and data acquisition system
MATV - master antenna television
IASS - LOCAL integrated aircraft stand system

Dubai International Airport Expansion

Concourse 3

Airport Building ELV Systems

  • Building Management System
  • Fire Alarm System
  • Lighting Control and Monitoring System
  • Security and Access Control System
  • Power Management Unit
  • UPS
  • Emergency Central Battery System
  • Management Information System
Airport Building ELV Systems

At C3, the world’s first Airbus A-380 dedicated facility designed for the exclusive use of Emirates Airlines, Pacific Controls takes the role of the Building Integration System where the messages from the different Airport ELV Systems are parsed, interpreted and forwarded to the destination systems in the protocol supported by those systems. The flight schedules updated by the Management Information System are forwarded to the respective ELV Systems, where operations are dependent on the schedule of the flights. BIS takes the role of a system watch dog monitoring the health status of all the connected servers and Gateways.

The integrated application on which the BIS runs is an unified platform enabling centralized monitoring and controlling through the web, a seamless environment where by data is normalized relieving the user the intricacies of different protocols from different vendors.

User Interface

User Interface

Mobily - Etihad Etisalat Company

Mobily - Etihad Etisalat Company

Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning & Integration of Safety, Security & BMS Solution for Mobily Premises in Saudi Arabia


Pacific Controls plan to provide a highly equipped Integrated Command Control Center solution to monitor, control and manage their assets in (24x7 days) located in Saudi. PCS shall design, install, configure and maintain the CCC for the Mobily. The focus of Pacific Controls is to promote the ICT sector in playing an important role in reducing operation cost, Energy cost and CO2 reductions. This strategy should include target based implementation of ICT services, and M2M technology in buildings and infrastructure in the gulf regions.

Mobily is looking to Revamp and update the Security and Building Management systems within their asset base in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through the breakthrough ICT enabled services from Pacific Controls. This is going to be achieved by integrating diverse facilities of Mobily and providing a single window solution which can be monitored and managed. The monitoring and management will take place from a Central Command and Control Center in Saudi. The different sub-systems to be integrated are Building Management System, Closed Circuit Television System, Security Access control system, Intrusion detection system, HVAC system, Lighting control system, Fire Alarm system, Power monitoring system, Communication and Media system, Metering and Billing system and Energy Management.

Pacific Controls provides the solution beyond today’s technology; our solution will improve the performance of various facilities to monitor, control and manage their assets seamlessly. The expected outcomes of this programme is that, Pacific Controls will deliver complete turnkey solution, meeting all objectives required and enabling both the organizations to develop further business together. Some of the key benefits to the client will be:

  • Converging controls and monitoring solution
  • Increased accessibility
  • In-depth analytic of business operations
  • Personnel management
  • Reduce downtime, faults and equipment failures
  • Comparable platform for equipment efficiency, energy data
  • Benchmarking
  • Centralized alarms and escalation
  • Rigid energy management provisions
  • Enhanced storage resources for multiple facilities with diverse subsystems
  • Software integration
  • Automated reports

The Immediate Benefits are:

  • Automated, accurate, critical, emergency call out and notification with receipt confirmation
  • Advance scenario planning and testing
  • Optimized manpower utilization
  • Web-based and voice-initiated messaging to create and communicate events
  • Self-service, web-based groups and personnel maintenance ensure accuracy in broadcast, dispatch and escalation
  • Multiple users and applications supported
  • Access-controlled, real-time web reporting (drill-down to summary, group, device, person levels)
  • Localized information delivery supports, multiple team to perform their activity on time
  • Live view of sites and event based recording of Alarm clips
  • Trend logger for various sites
  • Improved fault detection and monitoring of maintenance procedures



Pacific Controls have delivered the ICT service infrastructure for the management and operation of the world's largest equestrain city.

PCS have delivered the ICT service infrastructure for the management and operation of the World’s largest equestrian City.


Derived from an Arabic word which when translated, describes a place where people congregate and compete- the Meydan City project nesting 4kms from the mouth of Dubai creek is founded on simple grounding principles of partnership, community and sporting excellence. The developer of the biggest equestrian sporting venue in the world, the Meydan Group develops this city which is an interconnected cityscape of four distinct districts where the worlds of business, sports and elegant living intertwines to enhance, encourage and benefit each other.

This is the third biggest project in Dubai, after the Burj Dubai and the Metro and the IBMS Monitors and Controls all the electromechanical devices in the buildings.

Concept architecture

Concept architecture

For the initial phase of this project, the Intelligent Building Management System developed by Pacific Controls encompasses the five star hotels-The Banyan Tree with more than ten fine-dining restaurants, the 60,000 capacity Grandstand, the Car Park – a covered parking for 10,000, the Dubai Racing Club and Emirates Racing Authority offices.

Meydan Business View Dashboard Another highlight of the project is the web based interface of all the monitoring cameras of the Access Control System, whereby the user can view online any of the CCTV Cameras as a pop up. Fire Alarm Systems are also integrated to the IBMS and the devices are monitored and controlled efficiently where the life and safety of the occupants is the prime concern.

The IBMS controls all the HVAC devices for these buildings through an automated control system which could be controlled centrally through a pre defined schedule or by the user requirements locally. The control points are integrated to touch panels, thermostats etc thereby making the controls more users friendly and having more fidelity.

All of the Building systems are integrated by the Intelligent Building Management System onto a single platform thereby enabling to control and monitor all of the facilities through a common Human Machine Interface (HMI). The common IP backbone coupled with the web services offered through IBMS enables the Building system to be integrated to the Web.

Thus stunning landmark buildings, horse racing stands and luxurious residential accommodation mingle seamlessly at Meydan City resulting in a community designed to strike the perfect work-life balance where residents and employees can effortlessly move between both elements of their lives, using one to augment the other.

The data from all the field devices are collected, parsed and presented intelligently through the Graphics of IBMS, whereby the management can view all the required information through a single interface.

The IBMS controls all the HVAC devices for these buildings through an automated control system which could be controlled centrally through a pre defined schedule or by the user requirements locally. The control points are integrated to touch panels, thermostats etc thereby making the controls more users friendly and having more fidelity.

User Interface

User Interface

Cisco HQ. Dubai

Cisco headquarters, Dubai

Creating a global platform for building operations and management with the application server hosted in Amsterdam and the call manager hosted in Bahrain for this building in Dubai.

PCS showcases to the world the ultimate in ICT service delivery mechanism in the Dubai Cisco headquarters building.

Cisco Building

CISCO Systems Cisco connected real estate solution from pacific controls aims at converging the building management systems across different buildings to a single unified platform, interface with any embedded device imaginable, regardless of manufacturer or communication protocol.

It models the data and behavior of the devices into normalized software components, providing a seamless, uniform view of device data to the enterprise via a variety of ip-based protocols and open API’s.

This is an ICT implementation where the IBMS, application & database servers are located remotely at the Cisco Data Center in Amsterdam and the Cisco call manager in Cisco Bahrain data center. The multi-protocol building systems communicate with these servers.


Centralized monitoring and controlling means better efficiency, performance and energy savings.

It is possible to make virtual visit to each and every system from a single location. Thus Cisco and pacific controls has joined together to produce the best solution world wide for connecting real estates.

The solution features high level multiple interactive use case/scenarios

Cisco CRE use cases/scenarios

BAS monitoring of building systems
Energy policy – BAS power monitoring
BAS lighting
CCRE policy engine
BAS fire alarm
BAS meeting rooms, IP phone controls

Concept architecture

Concept architecture

Energy Policy

  • Archiving of energy parameters

- Energy consumption
- Demand profile
- Power quality
- Carbon footprint
- Phase imbalances

  • High level integration between IBMS and energy suite using web services
  • Executive and management dashboards
  • In depth analysis
BAS Lighting

- Energy analysis
- Performance analysis
- Electrical analysis
- Benchmarking
- Budgeting
- Data profiling

BAS Lighting

  • Time scheduling
  • Motion/ presence detection
  • Daylight harvesting
  • Individual fixture control
  • DALI protocol used
  • Easy access to monitoring and controls using- IP phones

- Desktop widgets
- Graphical user interface
- Pdas

CCRE Policy Engine

BAS Fire Alarms
  • Schedule policy

- Lighting schedules
- Temperature set point schedules
- Global schedule
- Zonal schedules
- Floor schedules.

  • Alarm policy

- Define alarm escalation
- Define alarm routing
- Route alarms using sms/email

  • User policy

- Manage existing user accounts
- Provide user rights
- Create new users

  • History policy

- View data histories over user defined periodsp
- View multiple parameters on single pagep
- Select your own chart types against each parameterp Reports

BAS Fire Alarms

  • Alarms routed from IBMS to the Cisco digital media players.
  • Lcd screens display the current location, nearest exit plan.
  • Fire alarm also triggers:
  • Overhead lights to flash in a sequence to show the exits
  • HVAC system go into an emergency mode

BAS Meeting Rooms, IP Phone Controls

BAS Meeting rooms

  • MS exchange calendar schedules used for meeting room lighting, set point.
  • In case the meeting ends before the scheduled period, lighting and air-conditioning is adjusted to the preset levels by the presence detectors.
  • Ip phone controls for blinds/curtains, lights and aircon.

User Interface

User Interface

Trident Grand Residence

Trident Grand Residence

Remotely connected residence, control air-conditions, carry out virtual parenting. Touch screen providing automated enviornment for lighting & temperature control, security & intercom.

    Trident Grand Residence
  • Green Home Automation
  • Green home automation for a single tower
  • Total number of floors: 44
  • Total apartments: 253
  • Single IP backbone
  • All devices on the IP backbone
  • Secured remote monitoring of each apartment.
  • Control of HVAC and Lights
  • Control of HVAC and Lights – Locally and Remote
  • Itouch Interface – Control and monitor your systems, energy profiles and Cost Energy Management Programs
  • Time Schedules
  • Home, Away, Vacation Modes
  • Occupancy based Controls
  • Integrated Security Monitoring
  • Remote Monitoring of Security
  • Automatic Notification to Dubai Civil Defence in event of emergency

User Interface

User Interface

Yahsat - Smart Satellite Solution

Yahsat - Smart Satellite Solution

Centralised supervisory control and monitoring system to manage facilities effectively using tools like asset registry, alarm management, history charts and more.

Al yah Satellite Communications Company

Al yah satellite communications company prjsc (yahsat) is a private joint stock company fully owned by Mubadala, An investment arm of the government of Abu Dhabi. Since Being incorporated in 2007, they have designed the Region’s first multi-purpose satellite system, based on Extensive interaction with customers and research into their Communication needs.

Al yah Satellite Communications Company

They are coming up with two satellite stations in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. Pacific Controls are providing the complete integrated building management and security solution on Their ICT backbone.

Solution highlights:

  • Multiple systems connected on a single IP backbone
  • Single platform for monitoring and control of electro mechanical equipment, physical and logical security
  • Thin client application
  • Industry standard open protocols used.
  • Normalization of data on a single converged platform
  • Energy management strategies
  • Virtual visit to the sites from any single location
  • Easy access over the internet with adequate security.
  • Comprehensive dashboards and reports.
  • Single window to create cardholder database without actually using the access control system.

User Interface

User Interface

The Palm Jumeirah Monorail

The Palm Jumeirah Monorail

The Palm Monorail is the first monorail constructed in the Middle East and developed by a consortium of leading international companies led by the Marubeni corporations.

The Palm Monorail is the first monorail constructed in the Middle East and developed by a consortium of leading international companies led by the Marubeni corporations. The monorail is a Hitachi-based system with 5.45km fully elevated, double tracked system with four (4) stations.

Costing US $381 million (AED1.4 billion), the system - which is fully automatic and will carry up to 6,000 people per hour when running at full capacity. Four stations - Gateway Towers, Trump Tower, Trump Tower and Atlantis - plus one depot and one operations control Center have been operating for the route.

The Palm Jumeirah Monorail Stations

The Palm Jumeirah Monorail Stations

Solution Highlights

1. CCTV system with real time video streaming and archiving
2. Each Station having Security Cameras at Entry and Exit on each level
3. The Stations are provided with Camera Servers and Database Server
4. IP Based Camera and video streaming
5. All Stations connected through OFC backbone
6. Monitoring facility at Operational Control Room (Gateway station) and Station Control Room in all Stations

Water consumption monitoring and Management system

Water consumption monitoring and Management system

Solution Highlights:

1. Automated Data Collection
2. Data Representation for Monitoring
3. Data Logs for History and Trends
4. Management Tool for Water M&V Practices
5. Scalable Solution
6. System Compatible to Remote monitoring Services (Optional)
7. Compatible to Alarm Management System (Optional)
8. Compatible for Alarms Notification through SMS (Optional)

User Interface

User Interface

DP World

DP World

DP world has 70 terminals in 31 countries across six continents with a significant presence in both high-growth and mature markets.

Concept architecture

DP World is a leading enabler of global trade and an integral part of the supply chain and operates multiple yet related businesses – from marine and inland terminals, maritime services, logistics and ancillary services to technology-driven trade solutions. DP world has 70 terminals in 31 countries across six continents with a significant presence in both high-growth and mature markets.

The Vision of DP world to bring foreseeing change and innovate aim to create the most productive, efficient, safe trade and sustainable solutions globally into every aspect of work. Pacific Controls added the value by providing SCADA, energy and critical asset real time monitoring system which enables better managing of equipment, productive, efficient and safe working atmosphere with in the terminals.

The SCADA, energy and critical asset real time monitoring system in container terminals enables the centralized monitoring and proactive assessment of critical equipment thus mitigating the down-times. The ability to drive cost savings and productivity gains at a blend of building types, substations and critical equipments such as RMG, STS cranes.

User Interface

Jafza Buildings

Jafza Bulidings

Jafza - Jebel Ali Free Zone.

Project requirement:

  • Reduce energy consumption to the tune of 15%, yet maintain occupant comfort
  • Reduce abuse of equipment
  • Monitor equipment failures and reduce downtime
  • Reduce maintenance cost

Concept architecture

Concept architecture

The project:

  • 365 rooms
  • Each room fitted with 1.5 tons of window AC
  • All machines run 24X7
  • Annual energy cost of 1.5 million AED

PCS solution:

  • Implemented occupancy detection
  • Control AC depending on occupancy and temperature
  • Monitor demand profile and energy consumption
  • Target anomalies and rectify
  • Condition based maintenance – call only when required.

User Interface

User Interface



Etisalat is one of the Middle East's largest telco offering jointly with PCS value added services using the ICT network solutions.

Pacific Controls and Etisalat have partnered to deliver ICT enabled infrastructure operations and management services and its customers in energy management, facilities management, CRM, ERP, property management and security management in real time.

Concept architecture – 80 sites

Concept architecture – 80 sites

PCS Solution – Value proposition to Etisalat
>> Business Impacts/Applications

There are unprecedented demands to...

  • Constantly reduce costs
  • improve service performance and support
  • provide rapid access to new technologies
  • implement more complex applications
  • retain and motivate a demanding team
  • minimize exposure to risk
  • demonstrate clear return on investment

Managed Services approach will...

  • reduce total cost of ownership
  • provide a predictable expenditure model
  • deliver greater service performance
  • track performance against SLA metrics
  • introduce rigorous process efficiency
  • maximize innovation and technological agility
  • deliver transparent ROI

User Interface

User Interface

Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA)

Dubai Electricity & Water Authority(DEWA)

Energy Management System providing centralized chillers plant with FAHU/AHU & constant speed primary chilled water pumps, monitoring & controlling HVAC system with optimized logics.

Building details:

  • 80,000 sq ft
  • Five floors
  • Plant room:
  • Three air cooled chillers
  • Four pumps
  • Two fresh air handling units Intent:
  • Reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint


  • Stage1: plant room automation
  • Stage2: building HVAC controls
  • Stage3: lighting controls

The energy saving of 10% predicted from the first of three stages was achieved as targeted



  • Measurement and verification
  • Fault detection and diagnostics
  • Energy and performance analysis
  • Condition based maintenance
  • Carbon footprint measurement

Plant room automation

  • Fully IP based converged solution implemented.
  • Exiting DEWA production IP backbone was utilized.
  • Remote connectivity using GPRS – through dedicated secure APN

Energy management strategies implemented

Chilled Water Analysis

- Chillers are sequenced based on building load
- Set point reset, time scheduling and free cool mode controls implemented
- Run time equalization strategy implemented
- Applies to the chillers and chilled water pumps.

Remote monitoring

In depth analysis of chiller performance
- Compressor and circuit performance monitoring
- Coefficient of performance
- DOE2 analysis used to identify gaps
- IPLV analysis used to identify that right number of circuits and chillers are running at the right time.

Carbon footprint

- Carbon footprint of individual equipment
- Information summary dashboards

Energy performance management

- Performance analysis such as Regression, Cusum and SEC
- Base load analysis.
- Condition based maintenance – FDD
- Extensive reporting
- Remote control and continuous commissioning of the chilled water plant.

User Interface

User Interface

24x7 Dubai Civil Defence

24x7 Dubai Civil Defence

Our National Life & Safety ICT solution to Dubai Civil Defence improved response time of first responders to less than 2 minutes & fire incidents declined by 25% in 3 years since implementation.

The Vision

24x7 Dubai Civil Defenc

In 2008, Dubai Civil Defence and Pacific Controls together embarked on a unique project to enhance life safety and national security in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, by implementing the 24x7 Direct Alarm System through a 24x7 Command Control Center. On completion of the project, every private and government building within Dubai will be monitored for fire, lift safety, and emergency alarms using state-of-the-art IOT solutions.

Pacific Controls has built a state of the art 24x7 Command Control Center to monitor the facilities around the clock where skilled staff monitors and manages the infrastructure, ensuring robustness, quality service and high uptime. Operating Procedures (SOPs) have been developed and embedded in close consultation with Dubai Civil Defence, to ensure timely integration of buildings, real time monitoring of life safety alarms and seamless sharing of useful information like building location and floor plans with operations team, for an effective and efficient operation.

Direct Alarm System Operations

In Dubai, by implementing the 24x7 Direct Alarm System for monitoring of life safety alarms, the system has achieved accurate, timely and early notification of emergencies. It supports efficient coordination of emergency services, to tackle safety situations and has not only reduced the number of life safety incidents in Dubai but also improved the response time of first responders and overall compliance.

Pacific Controls has also launched series of Dubai Life Safety Dashboards to add more power to Dubai Civil Defence operations, enhancing the organization’s capabilities to capture data for better decision-making and organizational performance. Dubai Life Safety Dashboards and Personal Dashboard is a sophisticated way to digitally track and access critical information online that allows decision makers at Civil Defence, building owners, residents and visitors to monitor the life safety status of Dubai in real time and determine their roles, responsibility and accountability in a transparent and dynamic manner. This enables significant transformation in how performance levels and safety standards can be enhanced exponentially by sharing real time information between all the stake holders to act on information and participate in a collaborative manner. The enterprise-class business intelligence delivered through the dashboard will also help all government departments, building owners and residents to monitor their buildings health and safety status in real-time on a great intuitive interface.

User Interface

User Interface

King Abdullah University of Science & Technology (KAUST)

King Abdullah University Of Science & Technology

World's most modern university infrastracture has a state of the art ICT infrastracture.

World’s most modern university infrastructure has a state of the art ICT infrastructure called ICAST integrating all electro mechanical services on a single IP backbone seamlessly delivering infrastructure management, optimization, continuous commissioning, energy services, delivering carbon footprint in real time.



Pacific Controls ICT network enables centralized supervisory control, monitoring and management of building subsystems across the University campus from a single user interface.

Device maintenance to enterprise services; This involved integrating a eclectic range of electro mechanical services onto a single IP backbone seamlessly delivering the services across the vast campus

A Command and Control center serves as the delivery and monitoring Key Performance Indicators (KPI) of the infrastructure to cover 24X7 facility management and safety. Given the vastness of the KAUST campus, the connectivity and the integration allows a single point contact to systems, sub-systems, their performance and status, this raises the quality and standard of its facility management program.

Buildings - Horseshoe Campus

BAS: Building Automation System
LCS: Lab Control System (GH, Nano Tech etc)
PMS: Power Monitoring System
LiCS: Lighting Control System
FDAS: Fire Detection and Alarm System
DC: Data Cube
SE: Smart Elevators

External Systems

NS: Nitrogen Storage and Distribution
ELS: External Civil Lift Stations
IRCS: Irrigation Control System
FS: Fountain Systems
CUP: Central Utility Plant

User Interface

User Interface

Roads & Transport Authority (RTA)

Roads and Transport Authority (RTA)

The project involves seamless integration to the different facilities of RTA and bringing all data information back to the Command Control Center in RTA Headquarters.

Roads and Transport Authority (RTA)

Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), Dubai is responsible for planning and providing the requirements of transport, roads & traffic in the Emirate of Dubai, and between Dubai and other Emirates of the UAE, neighboring countries in order to provide an effective & an integrated transport system capable of achieving Dubai's vision & serving the vital interests of the Emirate.

RTA has different facilities all over the emirate of Dubai which comprises of bus depots, office buildings, Traffic control rooms, staff accommodations etc. This project involves seamless integration to the different facilities of RTA and bringing all data and information back to the Command Control Center in RTA Headquarters enabling monitoring, control, measurement and verification and energy saving measures for the various electromechanical equipments in the building.

Pacific Controls uses the state of art M2M technology for the integration to the various electromechanical equipments from different vendors in these facilities, and uses the secure RTA IP backbone to bring data back to the RTA Command and control Center.

User Interface

User Interface

Pacific Controls Headquarters

pacific controls

We Created History.
1st Platinum Rated Green Building in the Middle East & 16th in the World.

Pre-requisites for LEED rating Pacific Control Headquarters

Pre-requisites for LEED rating Pacific Control Headquarters

1. Sustainable Site
2. Water Efficiency
3. Energy & Atmosphere
4. Materials and Resources
5. Indoor Environment Quality
6. Innovation & Design Process

1. Sustainable Site

  • Minimized soil erosion, waterway sedimentation and dust generation during construction
  • High space to development ratio
  • Storm water collection and reuse, natural draining areas, little impact on natural water hydrology
  • Lighting design for minimal impact on the nocturnal environment.
    Pacific Control Headquarters
Water Efficiency

Sewerage Treatment plant for water recycling

2. Water Efficiency

  • Landscaped areas irrigated using rain water and recycled waste water
  • Efficient watering systems
  • On site Sewerage Treatment Plant
  • Water saving devices installed to reduce potable water use and reduce wastewater production

3. Energy & Atmosphere

  • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) and hot water systems designed to maximize energy performance
    and reduce ozone depletion
  • Efficient lighting, day lighting, insulated building envelopes, vapour absorption & energy efficient chiller
  • Insulated walls and roof
  • Automated Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) for pumps
  • HVAC system not containing HCFCs or Halogens.
  • Fully integrated Building Management System
  • Demand-based ventilation

Materials and Resource

4. Materials and Resources

  • 50% of construction materials sourced locally
  • 7% of the building material value, consists of rapidly renewable materials
  • 75% of construction material is waste recycled or reused
  • 10% of building materials from recycled goods
  • 10% of building materials were salvaged
  • 100% of wood products certified by Forest Stewardship Council’s (FSC)

Indoor Environment Quality
Innovation & Design Process

5. Indoor Environment Quality

  • Construction materials chosen to minimize irritation to installer and occupants
  • Two fresh air circulation and filtration units
  • Temperature, humidity and CO2 levels continuously monitored and controlled
  • 90% of work spaces with direct lines of sight to perimeter glazing and beautiful desert views.

6. Innovation & Design Process

Exceed requirements for green building ratings in local and regional material use and green house keeping.

Renewable Energies

  • 60KW from Photovoltaic panels for building lighting load
  • 100 tons of Solar Thermal Air-conditioning System
Innovation & Design Process

Pacific Controls had accumulated a total of 55 points

The first ever accrued to date for any newly constructed building in UAE seeking LEED® platinum certification.

  • Certified 26–32 points
  • Silver 33–38 points
  • Gold 39–51 points
  • Platinum 52–69 points

Re-cap : History in the making

Re-cap : History in the making
IP Infrastructure

1. IP Infrastructure


  • 48-port
  • 1000Base-T
  • L3 Manage
  • Switch with +16
  • SFP Combo ports with redundant power-supply


  • Combination of 24/48 port Switches with 2x1000Base-T/ SFP uplink ports
  • 6-core multi mode fibre optique cable

IP Convergence
IP Convergence

2. IP Convergence

  • Fresh Air Handling Units
  • IP Based Intelligent Controller
  • Air Handling Units
  • Fan Coil Units
  • Lighting Control and Dimming Panels IP Convergence
  • Fire Alarm Control Panels
  • IP Based Intelligent Controller
  • AV and Dimming Control for the Auditorium
  • Audiovisual Interface
  • IP Cameras to monitor outdoor and common areas
  • Access Control System to restrict access to authorized users

Service Building

  • Absorption Chiller BACnet /IP based communication
  • Screw Chillers
  • IP Based Intelligent Controller
  • Pumps VFDs
  • Full Infrastructure for IP Convergence
Service Building

Enterprise Applications

  • ERP
  • CRM
  • E-Mail
  • VOIP
  • Web Supervisor
  • Fully Secured Remote Access to users

User Interface

User Interface
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