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Fleet Management System

Fleet Management System

Pacific Controls Fleet Management software suite can address the problems through its state-of-the-art solution using vehicle teleatics for the integration of vehicle tracking, vehicle management and real-time alarm monitoring

BEE’AH - Waste Bin Management

Sharjah, United Arab Emirates


Bee’ah’s IT strategy has been developed to meet the need for a closer alignment between IT and Bee’ah’s business units. It is a high level strategy, which identifies an IT transformation program, focused on enabling services to the business which allows such an IT department to progress from support function to an enabler in the business.

The state of the art fleet management solution hosted by Pacific Controls in conjunction with Etisalat enhanced Bee’ah’s operation and cost management with real time monitoring, vehicle history tracking, on-demand reports and many more features. The features like Service management, fuel level monitoring, and reports for asset performance help Bee'ah reduce their operational expenditure and improve productivity of the assets. Route optimization and scheduler provide identification of actual work times help Bee'ah pinpoint the pain points and eliminate them. The solution provided Bee'ah with a sophisticated tool to monitor and control the activities of its assets, improve on their efficiency and take strategic decision regarding their performance.

The Fleet Management benefitsBee’ah by having real time alarm and information of both driver and vehicle activities to improve the transportation operation and identify any vehicle misuse in real time. It helped optimize the routes used and helped plan the daily activities in an optimized way.

Galadari Motors - Fleet Management System

United Arab Emirates

Galadari Motors

The FMS system has helped Galadari Motors streamline their operations and manage their assets in an efficient manner. The real time monitoring of the assets location coupled with driver identification helped them improve the productivity and increase the accountability. Subsequent to the implementation there was a significant reduction in the unnecessary expenses and misuse of vehicles. The service reminder module has helped in eliminating of missing of service schedules while the work time summary has helped support attendance and reduce false overtime claims.

Rulers Court - Fleet Management System

United Arab Emirates

Rulers Court

The FMS system helped streamline their operations and manage their assets in an efficient manner. The real time monitoring and work time summary reports have helped Ruler’s court team to reduce on unnecessary expenses and misuse of vehicles. The service management module and reminder modules have helped in avoidance of missing of service, license and registration deadlines. The work time summary reports and driver activity reports have helped in improving accountability and optimizing of trips and expenses.