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Pacific Controls - World Leader in Automation

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Pacific Controls is one of the leading information and communication technology (ICT) enabled machine-to-machine (M2M) automation and control solutions providers globally

About Pacific Controls

Pacific Controls - World Leader in Automation

Pacific Controls is a global provider of end-to-end managed application services and solutions for machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things applications. Pacific Controls (PC) innovation lies at the intersection of three core capabilities:

  • machine and device data platforms
  • end-to-end managed service delivery, and
  • IT infrastructure integration

Unlike most players in the market today who focus on a single technology competency, PC understands that new software platforms, managed services and IT infrastructure need to be interwoven and mutually supportive and that customer success requires effectively utilizing their combined potential.

Pacific Controls is at the forefront of platform, data infrastructure and service delivery innovation for enterprise and publically managed solutions partnering with leading product OEMs, carriers and service providers, governments and diversified enterprises to help fully leverage smart connected devices, machines and the Internet of Things and People.

Pacific Controls has invested aggressively in foundation technologies for “smart systems,” including network enablement, unified communications, virtualization technologies, application service delivery and software infrastructure. These core technologies and platform capabilities revolve around real-time situational awareness and automated analysis for equipment assets, business processes and infrastructure. As a result, technology moves beyond just proposing task solutions — such as executing a work order or a repair order — to sensing what is happening in the world around it, analyzing that new information for risks and possibilities, presenting alternatives, and taking actions.

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The next big step in ICT development — completely fluid information and fully interoperating devices, people and systems — requires a new generation of data and application integration platform technology that will make information truly portable in both physical and information space, and among any conceivable smart information devices and machines. Pacific Controls has developed the Galaxy Platform the world’s first Enterprise and City Management Platform solution for deployment around the world.

Galaxy is an end to end platform for managed services that proactively monitors assets, providing transparency into how critical “real world” systems are performing (buildings, smart grid assets, etc.), where critical faults lie, and where opportunities exist to significantly reduce operational expenses.

The challenges of networking smart devices, developing M2M applications, integrating complex IT systems and unifying services delivery in a coherent and cost-effective manner have been big hurdles to adoption for the Internet of Things. Pacific Controls is the smart systems expert with deep expertise born from over a decade of experience integrating mission-critical and life-critical embedded devices across the Internet of Things; from facilities and energy, to mobile handsets to medical devices, from datacom to retail POS to smart grid and industrial automation.

Pacific Controls has developed a strong relationship with loyal blue-chip clients in key countries around the world. The company is also working with a broad spectrum of network operators, IT equipment players, professional services providers, software players and equipment OEMs to form partnerships to unlock the extended enterprise by simplifying the integration of sensors, machines, assets, people and systems to provide solutions for managing real time, real-world systems.

PC is also a pioneer in knowledge and business process outsourcing in the energy services and facility management sector. The Company currently operates five large state-of-the-art Command and Control Centers (“CCCs”) four at its facilities in Dubai, and one in the United States, which provide 24x7x365 remote monitoring of customers assets and facilities, enabling clients to enhance security of their assets, optimize energy usage, and reduce set up and operational costs associated with achieving the same objectives through their own investments.

In 2011, the company launched Pacific Controls Cloud Services, a fully owned subsidiary that will own and operate a 85,000 square foot Tier Three-certified data center, where Pacific Controls will offer virtualized managed services, using the Galaxy platform on the Pacific Controls Cloud, for government and corporate customers.

In 2007, the company’s headquarters building received the honor of being the first USBGC LEED certified platinum-rated green building in the Middle East and the 16th in the world. The sustainability features of the building demonstrate Pacific Control’s commitment to delivering the concept of technology for sustainable development and showcase ICT-enabled solutions that deliver energy efficiency and real time measurement and verification of carbon footprint. This building demonstrates the evolution of ICT-enabled technology for all the Company’s customers and is a living laboratory and R&D center for advanced smart systems and Internet of Things technologies.