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U-Sys e-Chiller

Energy performance of a chilled water plant is an important aspect in context of energy conservation & optimization analysis.


Energy performance of a chilled water plant is an important aspect in context of energy conservation & optimization analysis. Cooling need generally constitute about 60% of the total load of the building. Managing and tracking the Chilled water system strategically pay off in huge saving with little investments. Pacific Controls has developed a performance monitoring and benchmarking tool especially for chillers. This tool targets the web based and flexible frame work which is capable of communicating with large variety of plants and its equipments. The algorithms and calculation engine of this tool performs various integrated expert data mining and analysis to deliver efficiency and diagnostic information of chillers. The chiller tool frame work is broadly expected to deliver following functionalities to the user.


The plant optimizer is connected in real time with chiller plant. The inbuilt calculation engine process the data on real time to analyze the performance level at which the chiller plant is operational. The performance levels view are available at chiller end as well. The data is also transmitted to centralized Global Control and Command Center at Pacific Control’s head quarter for data archive and benchmarking purpose.

Calculation Reference and Standardization

The calculations and inbuilt algorithm are primarily following standards and recommendations as per:
- DOE Grey box analytical modeling
- ARI 550/590:2003

To accommodate part load value analysis IPLV/NPLV calculations have been referred however to address multi chiller system analysis a proprietary index calculation is integrated with the calculation engine.

OEM Independent opens protocol and platform

Pacific Control chiller plant optimizer is independent to make and model of Chillers as utmost flexible data and application layer are designed to make this optimizer independent to various chiller manufacturers in the market. While requesting for optimizer for deployment a set of questionnaire is being asked to fill up needing the details like make and model of the chiller, connectivity possibility, availability of control points etc. Based on this information the selection and parameters tuning is done by Pacific Controls so that the optimizer can be deployed on the site and function hassle free.

Measurement, Analysis & Controls

Pacific Chiller Plant Optimizer is integrated with chiller to capture real time data. These inputs are fed to optimizer both through chiller microprocessor and from the field sensors installed in chiller plant pumps and cooling tower circuits. Pacific Control chiller optimizer has already established integration capability with most of the chillers available in the global market.

Calculation engine inbuilt in chiller optimizer calculate the on line plant efficiency and perform automated continuous commissioning to ensure optimum operation efficiencies achieved by the chiller plant. The reports and the audit trail of commands from the optimizer are logged and the report of the same can be printed through workstation PC.

Real Time Fault Detection and Diagnostics

The software has inbuilt algorithms and case simulations to generate codes for possible reasons of the fault and failure occur with the chiller system. It reduces the maintenance time and ensures higher uptime.

Design Verification of Chiller System Sizing for the buildings

The tool assists in design verification of chiller plant with respect to over/under sizing of the installation. For example, some buildings have round the clock varying baseline loads. If the plant is not designed to accommodate these types of loads (i.e., by using variable speed chillers or properly staging a small auxiliary chiller) these small loads will increase the energy usage dramatically by causing the plant to run at low loads during evenings and weekends.

Real Time Dashboard and Analysis Reports

To bring the information accessibility as easy as on a click of button the tool is equipped with a user friendly easy to analyze dashboard. This dashboard provides a single window environment to its user with respect to data accessibility. The inbuilt and tailored reports can be generated by user or can be generated and produced by Pacific Controls Global Control and Command Center.