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Pacific Controls Gbots

The future of smart services delivery

Driving service delivery & customer support convergence

pacific controls Gbots

Harbor Research was recently given the opportunity to examine prototypes of Gbots™, software from Pacific Controls that creates a refreshingly new approach for equipment and systems support. Pacific Controls’ technology sidesteps the current marketplace noise and clutter surrounding device connectivity by deploying smart software agents - Gbots™ - as an integral element of their Galaxy™ service delivery platform, thus viewing customer equipment service and system support concerns as a challenge that can be addressed by a single, scalable solution. In so doing, the company is defining the future of smart systems for buildings, energy and infrastructure.

The term “convergence” implies unification, but you wouldn’t know it from today’s so-called “smart” building systems technology - a fragmented landscape full of narrow point-solutions and software/platform incompatibility.

pacific controls Gbots

Amid all the confusion, a new family of software tools from Pacific Controls finally takes a comprehensive approach to managed services and equipment health for building and energy systems. Gbots™ are unobtrusive automated tools for customer support scalablhbotgy systools for Aagm