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bot gateway

bot gateway

The technology enables analytic capabilities for component OEMs and equipment builders for both new and existing machines.

About Pacific Controls bot gateway

bot gateway

bot gateway from Pacific Controls is the worlds first bot enabled intelligent device providing a more universal alternative to the many existing techniques leveraging embedded data in ordinary electro-mechanical devices for monitoring and remote management. The technology enables analytic capabilities for component OEMs and equipment builders for both new and existing machines.

Gbots are intelligent, autonomous and cognitive software agents which are distributed via the Galaxy platform to maintain optimize and act on demand from equipments worldwide. Gbots are a new paradigm in cloud computing whereby the specialized smart agents will be available as a BaaS (Bots as a Service) on a large scale to be dispersed and utilized for diverse tasks across an enterprise or facility.

Galaxy will infuse intelligence into the Gbots and leveraging its networks; the Bots will permeate into any required geographic destination and will be capable of making intelligent decisions and actions. This action renders the entire process of system support real time and automated. This technology from Pacific Controls marks the transition from using agents for time consuming repetitive work to utilizing them for intelligent and complex labor oriented tasks. Utilizing Gbots for end to end facility management also moves away from the pedestrian goal or task directed behavior to an environment sensing reactive behavior.

The distinct advantage of using bot gateway for tasks over the network on real life equipment are that is has very low footprint. These different Bots are also equipped with the ability to interface between themselves to solve problems remotely that they may encounter in a dynamic environment.

This controller enables device to enterprise communication. The bot gateway framework integrates diverse systems communicating over wired or wireless network. The device information will create unified web services applications. Common protocols including XML, HTTP, SNMP, BACnet, MODBUS and others can be integrated into the controllers.
Any combination of TCP/IP (or) serial protocols can be supported.

This is available for embedded Windows, and embedded Linux, giving IT professionals the flexibility to choose the appropriate OS to meet internal policies.


  • Gbot enabled controller
  • Device to enterprise connectivity
  • Inbuilt control engine
  • High speed communication
  • BACnet device
  • BACnet ethernet
  • BACnet MSTP router
  • BACnet router
  • Support master-slave mode
  • Digital input / output
  • Analog input


  • 400 MHz ARM processor
  • 64Mbyte SDRAM (optional 128MB)
  • 256Mbyte NAND flash
  • (optional 512MB ~ 1GB)
  • 3 RS-232 serial ports
  • 1 RS-485 port
  • 1 10/100M ethernet port
  • 2 USB host port
  • 1 USB device port
  • SD/MMC card socket
  • Image sensor interface
  • Battery backed RTC
  • Watchdog
  • 8 digital input
  • 8 digital output
  • 3 analog input
  • I/O expander module
  • Low power consumption single 5VDC operation
  • Linux 2.6.30
  • WiFi (optional)
  • Zigbee(optional)