Global Engineering Services

Global Engineering Services

Pacific Controls Global Engineering Services

Pacific Controls offers a wide spectrum of solution pertaining to various customized solution needs globally. Some of the verticals of offering where Pacific Controls is actively engaged can be summarized as:

Internet-enabled products and “device-to-enterprise” applications

  • Make it possible to connect diverse devices with distinct communication protocols into unified systems
  • Lower costs of deployment, ownership and management

Platform Unification

  • Solutions to Connect home to the enterprise applications
  • Systems interaction in real time
  • User management of diverse systems

Merging Automation, IT & Services

  • Remotely monitoring electro mechanical systems, fire and security systems in hundreds of customer facilities, enabling us to take action to correct problems before they become emergencies
  • Capture operating data from thousands of buildings around the world, and use it to analyze and optimize for customer’s benefit

Scalable, extensible platform to build products and applications

  • Java based frameworks, Niagara Frameworks
  • .NET applications
  • Microprocessor based embedded development
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