Facility Management

Managed Facility Management

Managed Facility Management

Pacific Control offers web based Managed Facility Management solution for the buildings to achieve higher service standards for the building equipments and occupants.

Pacific Control’s managed facility management solution promises financial gain, better quality and service, and improved safety. The solution is a combination of facility management process automation and a web-based solution supported by high end sophisticated software.

The Managed Facility Management solution by Pacific Controls offers following set of benefits in various service areas for an Asset -

  • More efficient space utilization to achieve cost savings and potential reduction in asset inventories.
  • Reduction in moving and relocation activities resulting in greatly reduced relocation costs.
  • Continuous improvement in facilities management efficiencies.
  • Fast and accurate reporting on critical facilities information.
  • Existing processes will become more efficient and streamlined, using standardized data that is shared across the enterprise.
  • The solution will give facilities managers the tools necessary to become more proactive instead of reactive to facilities' requirements and enable better decision making.
  • Better safety and environmental planning capabilities, reducing risk from accident and regulatory compliance violations.
  • Data standardization across the organization and the elimination of unnecessary information held by aggregate organizations in various degrees of quality and accuracy.
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