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60,000 buildings to be connected online through Etisalat for risk detection

Dubai Civil Defence & Etisalat

Abu Dhabi, July 8, 2011: About 60,000 residential and commercial buildings will go online by mid 2013 through Etisalat for fire and other hazardous detections to help provide quick safety response.

The new technology that involves a triangle between a Dubai-based technology solution services company Pacific Control Systems, the General Directorate of Civil Defence and Etisalat was introduced in 2008.

Fire Safety Technology Forum UAE

“We have already brought 30,000 buildings online in Dubai through Etisalat. It is a very effective and fastest safety alarm system that improves response time to tackle fires and other harmful incidents. We have installed a machine-to-machine (M2M) device in these building that detect fires and other dangerous incidents,” Nigel MacKenzie, Business Development Manager and Chief Technical Officer at Pacific Controls told Khaleej Times on the sideline of the Fire Safety Technology Forum UAE held in the capital on Thursday.

According to him, the technology works for all kinds of incidents on isay thp>