Smart Grid Service

Pacific Controls Smart Grid Services Products include Galaxy, Gbots, and the Gbot-powered Virtual Building Energy NetworkTM, Smart Community ManagerTM , and GridAgentsTM. The Virtual Building Energy Network is scheduled for launch in Q3 of 2012.

The Virtual Building Energy Network enables any group of buildings anywhere to participate in Demand Response (DR) programs.

Provides utility with DR network operations center
Determines buildings included and curtailment forecasts
Automatically engages, monitors and terminates DR participation

Includes the following interfaces:

DR Aggregator Tool Central, aggregate hub for entire DR and AS portfolio Read in DR and AS triggers from ISO, TTO and utility systems Track and monitor participation, forecasts and income generated

Facility Manager Building Portal Allow facility manager to monitor, track and calculate revenue from DR and AS participation Remove building ad hoc or on a schedule as needed

Utility DR NOC Assess curtailment capabilities within specific network pockets Search resources by feeder, transformer or network Activate, monitor and terminate curtailments remotely