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Pacific Controls Smart Grid Services - About Us

Pacific Controls Smart Grid Services provides next-generation
building-to-grid (B2G) energy management services.

Pacific Controls Smart Grid Services provides next-generation building-to-grid (B2G) energy management services. Using its cloud-hosted software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, Galaxy, any distributed energy resource or building can be represented, and the dynamic response of many buildings aggregated into a trading unit on the energy market and matched to the myriad of energy market programs from utility operators. The company provides an end-to-end integrated B2G solution that turns energy usage data from buildings into carbon-free, useful energy capacity exactly when and where it is needed. The solution covers the entire B2G energy ecosystem (buildings, distributed energy systems in buildings, and electric grid edge devices) and is integrated with utility distribution network assets to provide visibility for Grid Operators.

The software, powered by intelligent Gbots, provides the first suite connecting Building to Grid (B2G) and Smart Grid domains, using embedded intelligence and extending to the edge infrastructure. Solutions include the Virtual Building Energy NetworkTM, Smart Grid Asset Monitoring, and Distributed Energy Integration.

The service continually optimizes energy utilization and enables the manipulation of aggregated building load reductions for use in Demand Response and Ancillary Services Smart Grid programs. This allows Pacific Controls' customers to reduce their energy bill. The service provides utility operators (ISO, Utility, Muni, Coops) with visibility into Smart Grid-based Demand Response resources. This allows them to plan the utilization of customer resources to meet supply and demand targets. The solution is tightly integrated into utility operations and includes Smart Grid intelligent asset monitoring.

Significant Industry Firsts

First Multi-Building Automated Demand Response Aggregator deployed with the PowerPactTM program in California. Operated one of the first profitable DR Aggregation services from 2000-2004.

First publish-subscribe software platform for real-time energy market transactions (InfoNowTM). Founding member of Auto-DR program in 2004-2005. Developed and deployed the Industry's first and only Smart Grid software platform GridAgentsTM. Deployed in Australia, California, EU and New York City MicroGrid and Demand Response demonstration projects.

4-year R&D project with Con Edison’s 3-G System of the Future – Advanced Distribution Operation with Distributed Energy Resource (DER) Integration in Manhattan. GridAgents - Trans-Atlantic Cooperation on Agent Technology for Smart Grids in Holland in the European Union (EU).