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Convergence is needed for a successful IoT deployment, and Pacific Controls provides this with its end-to-end solutions focused on unlocking value from IoT technologies.

Many diverse businesses are now discovering the concept of connectivity and smart services. The opportunities driven by this trend are enormous and everywhere. However, the existing tools that support the development of smart systems are not providing the full measure of value they could. The next chapter in the smart sensors, machines and systems arena will be driven by new tools and platforms that will help product OEMs, service providers and enterprise users realise more value by providing a unified solution framework that strips out unnecessary complexity and costs and, ultimately, leverages intelligence in devices, networks and cloud-based services.

Machine communications or the Internet of Things and cloud computing are combining to create new modes of asset intelligence, collaboration and decision making. This convergence is informing significant new capabilities in which inputs from machines, people, sensors, video streams, maps, news feeds, and more are digitised and placed onto networks. These inputs are integrated into systems that connect people, processes, and knowledge to enable collective awareness, efficiencies and better decision making.

What is important about this next wave of M2M, IoT and smart systems is the combined impact of these technologies. While there is standalone value in each of the innovations, it is the combination of all three technologies that will allow computing technologies to inform real-world physical systems.

Pacific Controls is positioning itself as an end-to-end service provider for the delivery of IoT services. The company says that, through these services, enterprises and government organi