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Pacific Controls launches e-Fuel Station

Dubai, January 30, 2005: Pacific Control Systems LLC, a global leader in providing e-Enablement solutions and services, has announced the launch of the Middle East e-Fuel Station, a tool that facilitates multiple fuel station owners to reduce operating costs and increase efficiency and profitability.

Announcing the launch, Dilip Rahulan, Chairman & CEO, Pacific Controls said, "With this tool, all the fuel stations can be remotely monitored from one central Command Control Center and from any PC using a normal Internet browser for any electromechanical failure or security or fire alarm. "Fuel station owners can centrally monitor and manage fuel storage and delivery in all stations, link all fuel stations to the civil defense Command Control Center and police control room, provide service alarms to all maintenance staff through internet and SMS, thus increasing service and maintenance efficiency by 50%. E-fuel stations, furthermore results in 25% energy savings along with subsequent reduction of manpower.

E-fuel station incorporates remote level tank management and is based on the technology developed by Hectronic which includes Automatic Fuel Gauging (Opti-level) and Automatic Vehicle Recognition systems. AVR is an open system for automatic vehicle recognition at petrol stations. It identifies vehicles and drivers and transfers additional data to the petrol station’s point of sale system. Opti-level is a system developed for automatic tank gauging. The microprocessor inside the head of the level sensor calculates reliable fill level data including tank volume derived from primary physical measurements. No external controllers are required and the probe can be interfaced directly to the E-fuel station. Through its modularity and system integration options, different technologies and solutions can be achieved.

Pacific Controls offers a solution for the future to access, monitor, and control the e-Fuel Station over the Internet. Major automobile manufacturers are equipping new prototype vehicles with wireless-based services, creating the Intelligent Vehicle. This kind of telematics will enable motorists to perform a variety of wireless functions such as accessing the nearby E-fuel station, Internet, downloading digital audio and video files, or obtaining smart transportation information. The E-fuel station will make use of this technology to offer customer service real time information, streaming video of the fore court. The E-fuel station will provide useful information to the driver like the estimated waiting time for fuel, and what facilities are available at the station such as fast food outlets, shopping facilities, cash withdrawals etc.

"The e-Fuel station concept revolutionizes the management of fuel station increasing its efficiency and profitability," said Rahulan adding, "Pacific Controls’ use of technology will enhance our customers’ opportunities to grow their business and improve their operating margins." This infrastructure will enable the petroleum retailers to offer new, Internet-based services to customers and their automobiles. Proposed services will include Video and music download to automobiles and digital radios, Global positioning system (GPS) mapping services. Moreover, local advertisers can send messages to customers who are waiting to fill their tanks at a small fee.

As the retail petroleum industry adopts Internet technologies, Pacific Controls has partnered with Hectronic Gmbh to offer the vision and key components to ensure that these businesses thrive in the Net economy. Pacific Controls’ enterprise servers are key components of the integrated, tuned, and tested business solutions, developed with top-tier application providers. e-Fuel Station is built on an open platform developed by Pacific Controls and Hectronic’s fuel tank gauging and automatic vehicle recognizer equipment, which are integrated to provide our esteemed customers the latest in technology and services.

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