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Pacific Controls - Enabling Telco's to deliver sustainable technology services

Pacific Controls has delivered innovative products and enterprise software which provides end to end solutions in the realm of managed services through state of the art Machine to Machine (M2M) technology & has leveraged the ICT infrastructure of Telecommunication Companies around the world to offer sustainable city management services using ICT.

ICT enables managed services is delivered by Pacific Controls by enabling Galaxy which is the worlds first enterprise software platform delivering city centric services for management of its ecosystem comprising of energy, real estate, homeland security, healthcare, hospitality ,transportation, education, financial, industrial and retail.

Galaxy will integrate with Management Information Systems to deliver optimization and governance centric data that will enable cost reduction of operating a city and its services through increased operational efficiencies and peculation of real time data to the relevant decision makers in the city.

Building Owners, Contractors, Real-estate companies, Government entities, and infrastructure owners like Utilities , Airports, Telco’s can collaborate and leverage the resources of the Pacific Controls Command Control Centre to optimize their operations, reduce their service costs, increase their return on assets and have the capability to remotely manage them in real time.

The role of ICT as an enabler of energy efficiency and managed services across the global economy is being exploited by Pacific Controls by strategic partnership with telecommunication companies around the world. The business strategy is to leverage the Telco networks and infrastructure, to deliver managed services to its existing customers using the Telco’s sales and marketing team and based on a Telco business model of service delivery.

Telco’s perfect storm of challenges:

Telecom operators worldwide have seen a steady decrease in their revenue and profits leading to a critical introspect of the traditional Telco revenue model. The fall in the earnings has led to a fundamental restructuring of the service repertoire of the Telco industry. The Telco players are looking back at their differentiation strategy, USPs and most importantly, identifying high value partners to inject the much needed impetus in their growth.

From a technology perspective, the convergence of IT and Telecom has brought opportunities to the industry in terms of keeping up with the demand of the customers that have rapidly diversified in light of the convergence. The combination of these factors with the economic downturn has led the telecoms to move to a value-added, customer oriented solutions and services approach with minimal operating expenditures.

With ever inflating IT budgets and proportionally deflating non-realization of the objectives of these budgets have raised concerns of top executives worldwide. These factors also created a unique demand in the Telco sector for unified Service Delivery Platform (SDP) which is dynamic, elastic, modular and scalable and whose purpose is to generate new revenue.

Finally, the restructured services portfolio is required to be inherently designed to deliver a high Quality of Experience (QoE) for the client to lock or gain customer Sustainability. This is most important as extended relationships with existing clients (higher ARPUs) have proven to be profitable than developing newer ones over night.

Pacific Controls – the partner of choice:

Pacific Controls, with its proven track record in the managed services and automation sectors is by default the partner in this critical mission of Telco’s worldwide. A vendor agnostic automation expert and ICT solutions provider, we are also a proponent in utilizing ICT solutions to reduce the environmental footprints of organizations worldwide.

We regard telecoms as an expert in focused service delivery and leaders in providing sophisticated solutions for businesses across the enterprise.

Our services and solutions are based on ultimately creating a service oriented network that draws in services and devices to ultimately perform as reservoir of high impact services. The business model of Pacific Control’s is created so as to target the “revenue-cost” gap that is lingering across the telecoms globally.

The managed services that Pacific Controls offer are delivered by leveraging the existing network thereby not contributing to additional CAPEX. The benefits of this model are

  • Help raise the ARPU of the existing customer base
  • Target the revenue-cost gap conundrum
  • Pacific Controls will also play the role of data aggregators in the value chain

Galaxy- the platform of platforms:

‘Galaxy’- The enterprise city management platform is the pinnacle in SDP technology. Leveraging this, Telco’s have the opportunity to deliver multiple client oriented services across diverse verticals. With the high frequency of connectivity advancements, Pacific Controls is well poised to deliver ubiquitous services that have the potential to quickly overshadow traditional voice based revenues.

Galaxy is based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) whereby the platform can be mapped in accordance with the business requirements. The openness of the platform enables easy third party integrations with diverse management information systems to provide consolidated solutions as per demand. It supports message oriented middleware for asynchronous bi-directional communication with third party applications.

Command Control Center (CCC):

The Command Control Centre (CCC) is an infrastructure used by Pacific Controls to consolidate, analyze and deliver solutions based on the aggregation of data from world over. It amalgamates high tech analytical computing with human Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to deliver in-depth analytics that are the precursors for delivering ‘actionable data’ to our clients.

Pacific Controls- Integral part of the Telco future:

With the hosted managed services from PC, Telco’s can leverage this to model their non-linear OPEX reduction strategies. As the economies slow and traditional costing models loose momentum, a geometric reduction in the operating expenditure is of the order to ensure business continuity and top-line revenue generation.

Pacific Controls through its state of the art innovations such as the Galaxy platform and its unique hosted managed service portfolio has started this critical venture of partnering with Telco such as Orange in Europe, Etisalat in the UAE, Mobily in Saudi Arabia, Sprint in the USA and many more in the pipeline. A new age dawns wherein Pacific Controls will ride seamlessly on the networks of Telco’s around the globe to deliver the best in quality services thereby profiting both the customer and the Telco itself.

Pacific Controls Telco Partners 2010

Pacific Controls Telco Partners 2010

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