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Pacific Controls - Enabling Telco's to deliver sustainable technology services

Pacific Controls has delivered innovative products and enterprise software which provides end to end solutions in the realm of managed services through state of the art Machine to Machine (M2M) technology & has leveraged the ICT infrastructure of Telecommunication Companies around the world to offer sustainable city management services using ICT.

ICT enables managed services is delivered by Pacific Controls by enabling Galaxy which is the worlds first enterprise software platform delivering city centric services for management of its ecosystem comprising of energy, real estate, homeland security, healthcare, hospitality ,transportation, education, financial, industrial and retail.

Galaxy will integrate with Management Information Systems to deliver optimization and governance centric data that will enable cost reduction of operating a city and its services through increased operational efficiencies and peculation of real time data to the relevant decision makers in the city.

Building Owners, Contractors, Real-estate companies, Government entities, and infrastructure owners like Utilities , Airports, Telco’s can collaborate and leverage the resources of the Pacific Controls Command Control Centre to optimize their operations, reduce their service costs, increase their return on assets and have the capability to remotely manage them in real time.

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