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Pacific Controls Launches Smart Energy Meters

The device will help Home & Building owners to measure their assets Carbon Foot Print and implement processes to reduce energy consumption.

Pacific Controls Launches Smart Energy Meters

Dubai, October 14, 2009: Pacific Controls Systems LLC, the leading global automation Company, has announced the launch of a range of Smart Energy Meters. With the Pacific Controls smart metering technology, Home & Building owners will be able to monitor how much energy individual devices use. The newly launched device range is part of Pacific Controls offerings in its Green Home, Green Building Automation and Smart Grid segments of the market.

Commenting on the launch of Smart Energy Meters, Mr. Dilip Rahulan, Chairman and CEO, Pacific Controls Systems LLC, said: We are committed to delivering cost effective energy services products and solutions globally, Our range of Smart Energy Meters will help users to optimize their energy usage while minimizing wastage and, importantly, reducing consumption levels. Our energy management tools will help Home & Building owners to create energy management profiles that are triggered by certain established consumption rates. As energy consumption exceeds a specific point, the system can automatically begin turning off low priority lighting, heating and cooling zones. Pacific Controls real time energy usage indices will help consumers to understand their habits and help become more efficient with their energy consumption needs.

He added: Technology for sustainable development defines Pacific Controls core business, people and the way in which we work with customers and communities. Over the last two years we have delivered new energy services products and solutions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, various energy efficient projects and numerous retrofit programmes dedicated to reducing energy consumption in the UAE and other locations around the world.

According to the Electric Power Research Institute, at least 27 devices are continuously switched on in a typical Home or Building. It means that even when you are adjusting your air- conditioner to save energy and getting rid of all our incandescent light bulbs, watching the new LCD TV might just wipe out all that effort.

Pacific Controls Launches Smart Energy Meters

Pacific Controls energy monitoring and targeting software is the most advanced fully browser based solution. It provides comprehensive and intuitive analysis for organizations of any size, across any industry sector. It automatically turns energy data into information, measures the Carbon Footprint and validates Carbon Financial Instruments of the asset. It also provides early warnings on energy consumption data to manage energy usage to assist owners to manage energy usage within the desired thresholds, This addresses the slab tariff system and assist in ensuring that asset owners can manage measure and verify their energy consumption. These services are currently offered by Pacific Controls to customers globally from the Energy services global command control center established at their HQ Building in Techno Park Dubai.

Pacific Controls Smart Energy Meters offers technology that integrates multiple systems into a single open platform. The product range that are introduced are the B2000 series a three phase multifunction energy meter; C1000 series single phase multifunctional energy meter; the GPRS/GSM based energy data concentrator; the single phase 8 channel power line carrier energy meter; and the three phase four wire power line carrier energy meter.

Pacific Controls is an icon of sustainability in the Middle East. The first Platinum rated Green Building certified by US Green Building Council LEEDS program, is a sustainable, high performance building having significantly reduced the impact on Earths resources compared to conventional building.

Pacific Controls Launches Smart Energy Meters

Pacific Controls is providing global leadership in revolutionizing the way facilities and assets are managed through its internal programs and efforts on behalf of its customers, Pacific Controls is considered as one of the largest energy efficiency service provider in the Middle East.

Among its leading unique services, Pacific Controls offers 24x 7 Remote Monitoring, Energy Management, Continuous Building Commissioning, and Facilities Monitoring and Management services. Pacific Controls services are designed to lower building operating costs by monitoring and controlling energy-intensive systems, such as HVAC and lighting, which can be measured for optimum performance and predictive maintenance needs, reducing both energy usage and operating expense, using Pacific Controls software and hardware.

Pacific Controls not only has products and services for the whole range of control engineering but also offers the complete integration with the advantages of global networking capabilities. The company produces its own wired and wireless controllers and open software solutions supporting multiple protocols for communication between various devices connected to different networks. The hardware business, referred as connectivity products, includes specific remote products, gateway products, and meter reading products.

These products and solutions are designed to be part of the Smart Grid which is currently being deployed in Europe and North America.

Our gateway products provide an open architecture for inclusion of sensors, actuators, smart meters and other devices, regardless of manufacturer and changes in technology. This is a key requirement for the Smart Grid implementation.

The gateway software application layer is the Local Energy Application (LEA), which is capable of interfacing to meters and other facility monitoring devices. The Local Energy Application is capable of providing a stand-alone energy monitoring system with real-time data capture, alarms, and historical data capture.

An enterprise software application designed and hosted by Pacific Controls at their Global Command Control Center (GCCC) is utilized to collect data from multiple sites where the LEA is utilized to collect information at the local facility. The GCCC is utilized to collect data into one central location for the purpose of in-depth energy analysis and comparison.

About Pacific Control Systems

Pacific Control Systems LLC is an ISO 9001:2000 company providing automation solutions globally. Pacific Controls leads the industry in providing energy services using technology for sustainable development. The company offers a range of products and solutions that deliver Smart Building and Smart Grid technologies that are internet ready and seamlessly integrate into existing IT infrastructure enabling global connectivity resulting in remote continuous energy management services.

Today Pacific Controls is the worlds leading information and communications technology (ICT) service provider in Buildings. Pacific Controls provides ICT solutions that are capable of optimizing energy consumption in real-time based on inputs from occupants, local utilities and outdoor weather. Pacific Controls has taken leadership in delivering many of the major ICT projects in the world where building services have been fully integrated with the enterprise applications.

The headquarter building of Pacific Controls at Dubai Techno Park is the first Platinum rated green building accredited by the US Green Building Council (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED) programme in the Middle East and sixteenth in the world.

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