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Opportunities: The future of real time intelligence

What's required when traditional computing meets the real world?

Cloud services

Cloud services, mobility, machine-to-machine (M2M) and related managed services are beginning to combine to create new modes of business intelligence, collaboration and services delivery. However, experience tells us IT and Telco players really do not understand how to translate the value of computing and networks into the real [physical] world. They are clueless when it comes to integrating ICT with real time intelligent infrastructure (e.g. sensors, machines, etc.).

So how will traditional computing meet the real world?

We can make a computer capable of beating the reigning genius of chess, but we can’t make a robot capable of walking across the street as well as any normal two-year-old child.

The real world is not a strictly regulated, closed system like a chess game. Sensing a player’s moves on a wired chessboard and responding quickly and intelligently is one thing. Sensing—and physically responding to—reality (stones, curbs, potholes, pedestrians, oncoming cars) is quite another.

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