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Dubai Civil Defence introduces Mobility solution and Dispatch solution in Gitex 2013.
Both these unique solutions are co-developed by Pacific Controls.

The Dubai Civil Defence introduced a unique mobility solution that will help the residents to report an emergency life safety situation in their premises in the easiest possible way to civil defence. The Life Safety App connects the residents to the state-of-the-art Dubai Civil Defence 24x7 Command Control Center, thus enabling them to alert Dubai Civil Defence in the event of a fire or any life and safety incident at their premises with the click of a button. Dubai Civil Defence also announced the launch of a Dispatch solution in Gitex that will provide their Control Room with reliable and accurate information during all stages of incident management. The Dispatch system ensures rapid deployment in the field with real time status, integrated mappings, best routing, full access to data and property information in the field using wireless options. This highly reliable, innovative solutions captures all major data points throughout each incident providing comprehensive data immediately to enable rapid decision making in situations when every second counts.

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