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GCC adopts Data Center to save on capital costs

Dilip Rahulan - Executive Chairman, Pacific Controls

Data Center services in the GCC have risen to the forefront of a general trend towards outsourcing and the need to control business costs. Organisations looking to cut down on capital expenditures involved in setting up information technology operations are increasingly turning to the expertise and infrastructure services of Data Center service providers, thereby boosting market revenues.

“Yes, this is in line with worldwide trends. As business grows rapidly, companies run out of capacity at their initial home-grown Data Centers, their IT systems become business critical, staffing needs magnify and costs rise significantly,” said Dilip Rahulan, executive chairman of Dubai-headquartered Pacific Controls.

“For these reasons, CIOs [chief information officers] and their teams are choosing to relocate and expand in purpose-built, secure and scalable service-provider Data Centers. As part of this move, companies are also looking to move IT to the cloud. A recent Foresights survey showed that 50 per cent of enterprises in North Amficanritstisforeili