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Gatekeepers of the digital era

Pacific Controls stays abreast of new trends in data and application integration platform technology

Gatekeepers of the digital era

Dubai, June 18, 2015: Pacific Controls, a global provider of end-to-end managed application services and solutions for machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) applications, is at the forefront of innovation, an essential proficiency to keep up with the world’s evolving digital trends.

“Unlike most players in the market today who focus on a single technology competency, Pacific Controls understands that new software platforms, managed services and IT infrastructure need to be interwoven and mutually supportive and that customer success requires effectively utilising their combined potential,” said Dilip Rahulan, Executive Chairman, Pacific Controls.

The company partners with leading product OEMs, carriers and service providers, governments and diversified enterprises to help fully leverage smart connected devices, machines and the Internet of Things and people. It also invests heavily in foundation technologies for ‘smart systems’, including network enablement, unified communications, virtualisation technologies, application service delivery and software infrastructure.

“These core technologies and platform capabilities revolve around real-time situational awareness and automated analysis for equipment assets, business processes and infrastructure. As a result, technology moves beyond just proposing task solutions—such as executing a work order or a repair order—to sensing what is happening in the world around it, analysing that new information for risks and possibilities, presenting alternatives, and taking actions,” Rahulan added.

The next big step in ICT development requires a new generation of data and application integration platform technology that will make information portable in both physical and information space among any conceivable smart information devices and machines. Along these lines, Pacific Controls has developed the Galaxy platform, the world’s first Enterprise and City Management Platform solution, for deployment around the world.

Galaxy, an end-to-end platform for managed services, features in-built data warehouse, analytics, visualisation and the ability to provide diverse service requirements ranging from life safety to energy to critical asset monitoring, transportation, environment and waste and many more.

“As a next step, Galaxy can be used by domain experts in their respective fields to develop their applications and deliver solutions to their customers, hence creating a paradigm shift in the way platforms are used today,” he said.

Pacific Controls is one of the key partners of the Dubai