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Pacific Controls launches Router Integrated Controller G-360

The competitively priced, small footprint, high-end controller provides an embedded gateway for Managed Services on the Cloud.

Pacific Controls launches Router Integrated Controller G-360

LAS VEGAS, April 30, 2012 /PRNewswire: Pacific Controls, a leading global provider of ICT enabled managed services and converged engineering solutions for buildings and infrastructure projects, today launched the next generation Router Integrated Controller G-360, as an embedded gateway for Managed Services.

The revolutionary product, launched at the Tridium Niagara Summit 2012 in Las Vegas, is designed for system integrators and OEMs to realize the potential of Cloud enabled managed services for their products and services spectrum enhancement at an extremely competitive price.

“The G-360 fulfills the requirement of the industry for a small footprint, high-end controller with inbuilt router, GPS and 3G radio to deliver device to enterprise services on the cloud, at a competitive price,” said Dilip Rahulan, Executive Chairman, Pacific Controls.

He added: “The device becomes secondary to the value it brings to the customer and the service becomes the means to cultivate an ongoing customer relationship. The G-360 will enable a new era of router integrated communication to enable seamless real time data acquisition and management.

The G-360 connects remote sites and systems to Pacific Control Galaxy, the Enterprise Service Delivery Platform, to enable smart services. G-360 provides a fully integrated device to enterprise functionality in a single, low cost package. G-360 connects local measurement and control systems in remote sites to Galaxy, over either 3G Cellular Radio or Direct IP Connection. Local connections supported are for BACnet - IP or MSTP and Modbus-TCP or RTU so the most common measurement and control systems in use in buildings can be connected. The BACnet integration engine in the device provides comprehensive alarming history and time schedule capabilities.

Communication to Galaxy uses the oBIX standard. Sedona framework is integrated with G-360 which supports using application kits in writing optimum control algorithms.G-360 is configured to run Pacific Control Gbots, the innovative remote service delivery technology that is unique to Pacific Controls Managed Service Business.

The G-360 is enabled for seamless inbuilt communication possibility to interface with Galaxy. This interface will further discover enormous opportunities to get assets and machines to be connected for enterprise management. Subscribers of Pacific Controls Managed Services such as Measurement and Verification, Energy Analysis, Carbon Footprint Analysis, Fault Detection and Diagnostics, Continuous Commissioning will be able to receive further large sized price advantage in terms of discounted initial capital expenditure models as well as cost amortized programs.

The G-360 is being priced at USD450, which will give a crucial decisive edge to product distributors and system integrators to compete and deliver solutions in the marketplaces.

About Pacific Controls

Pacific Controls (PCS) provides ICT enabled managed services and converged engineering solutions for buildings and infrastructure projects globally. PCS has pioneered the technology for Smart Cities in which buildings and infrastructure are managed centrally to increase sustainability, leveraging the ICT infrastructure of telecom operators around the world.

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