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UAE: Emirates Energy Star project cuts energy consumption

72 buildings have signed up for scheme so far

UAE: Emirates Energy Star project cuts energy consumption

Abu Dhabi, June 22, 2013: SIM cards like the ones in our mobile phones are playing a major role in a national programme which cuts energy use in buildings — so far the plan has saved 10,741 tonnes of CO2 emissions, which is the equivalent of planting 2,306 trees.

Some 72 buildings, from government buildings to apartments and schools, have to date signed up for the Emirates Energy Star (EES) programme. Reports suggest that energy used to power buildings is responsible for 60 per cent of total world electricity consumption. Etisalat and Pacific Controls (a Dubai-based information and communications technology company) introduced the programme. Through Etisalat SIM cards, a Global Command Control Center (GCCC), assesses the electricity consumption of chillers and electronic devices used at those buildings.

A round-the-clock monitoring unit makes sure the savings are achieved.

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