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Dubai buildings monitored real-time for alarms

Etisalat’s cellular network monitors 60,000 buildings across emirates.

Dubai’s drive for smart city utilising state-of-the-art technology has pushed new boundaries with real-time monitoring of all buildings across the emirate for any emergency alarms.

Dubai, April 11, 2014: Dilip Rahulan, Executive Chairman of Pacific Controls (PCS), told Emirates 24|7 recently that the Dubai-based company, which provides ICT-enabled managed services and converged engineering solutions for buildings and infrastructure projects globally, has tied up with Dubai Civil Defence for real-time monitoring of buildings in the emirate for any emergency alarms.

Rahulan said: “60,000 buildings have already been connected... we are able to manage and monitor alarm that is critical – be it fire alarm, elevator alarm or any emerging which is immediately related to our command center. We are using Etisalat’s cellular network so it’s not wired; you have the heartbeat of every building. If there’s a fire alarm we know exactly where the fire is. We can ensure in just two minutes that the fire is real; if it is real then we dispatch. And in the meantime, we are able to look at closest available assets to find out and are able ook/l e o stabl