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Commvault and Pacific Controls form strategic alliance to offer Managed Data Services to GCC Companies

Alliance will offer GCC companies a one-stop shop for data co-location, storage and protection

Commvault and Pacific Controls form strategic alliance to offer Managed Data Services to GCC Companies

Dubai - October 18, 2015: Commvault, a leader in data and information management solutions, and Pacific Controls, the largest co-location and cloud service provider in the Middle East, announced a strategic alliance today. Jointly the companies will offer Middle East organizations the first-ever offering of hosting, managed services and data protection.

Pacific Controls owns and operates Middle East's largest Data Centre campus based in Dubai. Commvault will provide data protection and management capabilities for customers using Pacific Controls Cloud Services (PCCS), an enterprise-class cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution offered directly to customers via an intuitive self-service portal, and also delivered in conjunction with PCCS broad portfolio of managed services.

As adoption of cloud infrastructures continues to grow, service providers need to build solutions that are automated, flexible and simple to address end-user client needs, all while reducing their infrastructure costs, enhancing staff productivity, and accelerating time-to-revenue. Commvault has designed its software to be an open cloud data management platform offering broad integration with multiple applications, operating systems, hypervisors, and storage systems.

The Commvault and Pacific Controls alliance delivers a revolutionary approach to cloud data protection. As organizations shift towards IT-as-a-service models, the need for protecting data residing across physical, virtual, and now cloud environments grows with it. Commvault can ensure protection of customer data -- whether in a private cloud, a service provider delivered public cloud, or a hybrid cloud environment - across the heterogeneous enterprise, cut costs, scale easily.

"Pacific Controls are pioneers in the region for offering collocation and cloud services through their Tier III Design and facility certified, ISO27001:2013 certified Data Centre. They are IT trailblazers and have built a very strong foundation to offer hosting services for the rapidly growing market in the UAE. Commvault software provides the data protection, recoverability and pay-as-you-go licensing options PCCS requires to deliver high availability and access to business-critical applications that meet customer service level requirements," said Bassam Hemdan, Area VP MEHthat providesres thruomrStng oudough theithees to rsinu,caayrou lHAyures-atBa inAdcdoid Compaartified Dh availabaumep Brou cVS, Vd, h_for_pcation and ,"Servil while rthem,c-dehh thetISO27pdt -->marlutions-,gc

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