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Pacific Controls acquires equity in WSO2, positioning itself as a global leader in delivering managed cloud services

Pacific Controls and Toba Capital funding will fuel expansion of WSO2’s global initiatives to help Government and Enterprises to fast-track business and IT innovation via APIs, IoT, mobile, and the cloud

Pacific Controls acquires equity in WSO2 positioning itself as a global leader in delivering managed cloud services

Dubai, August 24, 2015: Pacific Control Systems (PCS), the world leader in Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions, announced that it has invested $20 million into WSO2, an open source cloud application development and middleware company. Further to this investment, Mr. Dilip Rahulan, Executive Chairman of Pacific Controls, will join the WSO2 board of directors.

Joined by Toba Capital, a venture firm focused on enterprise software and infrastructure, the investment will support WSO2 to meet increasing demand from professional developers for its comprehensive, open source middleware platform.

Pacific Controls, a world leader in Managed Services, is a pioneer in the convergence of networked computing and large scale data management with real time machine intelligence and is driving the integration of physical and virtual worlds.

WSO2 provides service-oriented architecture (SOA) solutions for building, integrating, managing, securing and analyzing companies’ APIs, applications, and Web services—on-premises, in the cloud, on mobile and IoT devices.

Commenting on the investment, Mr. Dilip Rahulan said: “Pacific Controls’ investment in WSO2 further extends the strategic relationship between the two organizations. Pacific Controls leveraged its revolutionary software platform Galaxy-2021 together with WSO2 to offer end-to-end enterprise cloud computing solutions to global customers. The Galaxy-2021, designed using a state-of-the-art Services Oriented Architecture (SOA), enables end-to-end managed services for smart cities.”

“As a customer, we have experienced the unique advantage of WSO2’s comprehensive open source platform. Using WSO2’s modular middleware products, built from the ground up to work together seamlessly, we have been able to accelerate our solution delivery and address the broad range of demands required to connect IoT with enterprise systems. WSO2 has remarkable potential to reshape how enterprises adapt their applications and services to toda’act">Hom graCnCnCnCnCnCnCnCnCnCnCnCnCnCnCnCnCnCnCnCnCnCnCnCnCnCnCnCnCnCnCnCnCnCnCnCnCnCnCnCnCnCnCnCnCnCnCnCnCnCnCnCQnCQnCQnCQnCQnCQnCQnCQnCQnCQnCQnCQnCQnCQnCQnCQnCQnCQnCQnCQnCQnCQnCQCQnCQCQnCQCQnCQCQnCQCQnCQCQnCQCQnCQCQnCQCQnCQCQnCQCQnCQCQnCQCQnCQCQnCQCQnCQCQnCQCQnCQCQnCQCQnCQCQnCQCQnCQCQnCQCQnCQCQnCQCQnCQCQnCQCQnCQCQnCQCQnCQCQnCQCQVCQVCQVCQVCQVCQVCQVCQVCQVCQVCQVCQVCQVCQVCQVCQVQVQVQVQVclass="col-sm-2"> form. Using iv> ityxO2 provhref="prensive open source pla form. Using iv>pany CSR">Press ReportCany CS="prensive open source pla form. Using iv>ectors. Si>es to he/g ReportPs to he ensive open source pla form. Using iv>es je he/aircomp- <-es je h ReportMajeliPs je he="prensive open source pla form. Using iv>pany CSR">Press ReportAsolde="prensive open source pla form. Using iv>pCQers>pCQers ReportCCQers="prensive open source pla form. Using s Reports ensive open source pla form. Using iv>paader >paader ReportCaader ensive open source pla form. Using nCQCQblog.itle="Automation combro"> Blog ensive open source plen able to accelerathure copyrnCQVcl©CQnCQCQnCQCQnCQCQnCQCQble to accelerate our solution doc