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2014 Building Energy Summit

Pacific Controls was a Platinum Sponsor at the 3rdAnnual "2014 Building Energy Summit" where Building owners, Energy Experts and Technology Pioneers converged on April 01, 2014 at the Ronald Reagan Building, 1300 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20004 USA. The Summit addressed the challenges and opportunities surrounding the need for more energy efficient buildings.

The Summit also focuses on the other options to finance energy conservation measures as well as provide examples of energy improvements that immediately improve the building valuation.

2014 Summit Highlights:

Why Lyft and Uber Have Nothing to Do With Smart Cities

by Darlene Pope

I attended a "smart city" panel discussion last week and heard yet another speaker cite how Lyft and Uber are great examples of smart city initiatives. I don't know about you, but my definition of a "smart city" has nothing to do with whether you choose to ride in a licensed taxi cab, or a stranger's uninsured pink-mustached Prius... It has to do with intelligent systems and controls optimizing the city's (and citizens') energy consumption.

Not to mention the fact that Uber and Lyft will ultimately fail.

Market adoption of technologies or solutions cannot occur based on a short term appeal to fringe end-users. Think Segway -- the over-hyped, disruptive device that was forever going to change the face of transportation. Yet, with the exception of the gaggles of DC tourons and a few out-of-shape mall cops, it really hasn't changed anyone's lives.

For a solution to be successful, it needs to meet three major criteria. First... Click Here For Full Story

Tangherlini Keynote Address

Dan Tangherlini, Administrator of the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) opened the 2014 Building Energy Summit® with an inspiring report on GSA's efforts and initiatives for more energy efficient buildings, and more efficient use of space. As the largest building owner and the largest tenant in the country, GSA has become an outspoken leader in the green building movement.

About our Sponsor:

Pacific Controls Inc. (PCI) provides ICT enabled managed services and converged engineering solutions for buildings and infrastructure projects globally. PCI has pioneered the technology for Smart Cities in which buildings and infrastructure are managed centrally to increase sustainability, leveraging the ICT infrastructure of telecom operators around the world. Pacific Controls owns and operates the largest Data Center Campus in the Middle East offering end to end enterprise cloud computing solutions to global customers.

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2014 Building Energy Summit

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