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Digital Business Hub

Enabling API as a Service

Digital Business Hub

The PCSDigital Business HUB provides enterprises and developers a single point of integration, creating a simple, agile, monetizable digital service echo system aimed at connecting government services, enterprises and consumers across Middle East Region.

Enables multi-operator aggregation, discovery, routing and interconnectivity of services. Aggregates services exposed by other hubs, by gateways, and via direct connections from MNOs. Provides a single point of integration for enterprises and service providers. Comprehensive administration, rating and reporting.

It can also be used to provide hosted Mobile Connect functionality for a Telco group or for a whole country

API Security

API management solutions secure and mediate the traffic between a companies’ APIs and the developers, customers, partners, and employees who use those APIs.

Digital business is built on the design principle that internal and external users will use the system.