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Digital Business Hub

Enabling API as a Service

Digital Business Hub

The PCSDigital Business HUB provides enterprises and developers a single point of integration, creating a simple, agile, monetizable digital service echo system aimed at connecting government services, enterprises and consumers across Middle East Region.

Enables multi-operator aggregation, discovery, routing and interconnectivity of services. Aggregates services exposed by other hubs, by gateways, and via direct connections from MNOs. Provides a single point of integration for enterprises and service providers. Comprehensive administration, rating and reporting.

It can also be used to provide hosted Mobile Connect functionality for a Telco group or for a whole country

API Security

API management solutions secure and mediate the traffic between a companies’ APIs and the developers, customers, partners, and employees who use those APIs.

Digital business is built on the design principle that internal and external users will use the system. OAuth is one of the most widely used forms of a authentication for consumer or partner-facing apps making OAuth support for all constituents critical to modern API infrastructure.

Digital Business HUB security framework provides all the security aspect.

API Analytics

How is your API traffic trending over time? Who are your top developers? When is API response time fastest? Slowest? Are you attracting more developers? Geographically where do you see the most API traffic?

Robust API management tools empower businesses to answer questions like these, which helps enterprises improve their APIs, attract the right app developers, troubleshoot problems, and, ultimately, make better business decisions related to the API program.

Digital Business HUB provides the visualization tools, dashboards, and reports to help measure a broad spectrum of data that flows across APIs. This information is most useful in today’s dynamic API economy when it is gathered, analyzed, and providedto the business in real time. Beyond simple charts and graphs, both the ops and business teams should be able to gain deep visibility into the performance of the API program.

API monetization

Digital assets and services that provide value to customers, partners, and end users can be a source of revenue. Companies can charge for data or services as part of their business model, or they can share revenue with partner companies and developers.

In the pre-API world, these transactions were done via contractual processes, data sharing agreements, or, in some instances, the data was given away for free. With APIs, a company can make data and services available to front-end applications and partners in an easy and scalable manner while tracking usage and billing inreal time. Digital Business HUB provides following capabilities.

  • Rate plans
  • Reporting and billing
  • Setting limits
  • Monetization-related content


In order to build a system that can perform at scale, Digital Business HUB uses a variety of best practices and technologies.Digital Business HUBsupports very high-performance requirements by employing a scale-out design. To allow additional workload, an API provider can add additional compute or storage nodes.

Key features and benefits of Digital Business HUB

  • Real-time business centric information for government, investors, businesses, citizens and travelers
  • API based services will be launched in quick time
  • Rapid on-boarding of services and publishing of APIs
  • Real-time business centric information for government, investors, businesses, citizens and travelers
  • API based services will be launched in quick time
  • New Business opportunity for software houses and free lancing individuals
  • Creation of big data platform that can be used by the government for analysis and making better decisions
  • New revenue opportunities for the government and other ecosystem partners/players
  • Governance and policy framework with government engagement to a wider and global audience
  • Single point of integration exposing simple REST APIs
  • Secure layer independent of your core business systems
  • Choose to publish APIs privately (for internal use), for trusted partnerships or for wider public developer ecosystem
  • Cost effective Opex model using PCS' end-to-end managed cloud delivery infrastructure
  • Easy future migration to dedicated instance with no re-engineering
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